About Parasitology and Medical Entomology

Welcome to the Department of Parasitology and Medical Entomology, which is considered one of the most important tributaries of the Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences, according to the quality of its education based on the application of all academic and professional standards, which reflects positively on the excellence of the department's graduates and thus their access to good opportunities in the specialized labor market and all this is achieved thanks to The academic staff of the department who works in complete harmony to provide various means of knowledge in the concerned specialty and the use of medical devices and equipment available at the college that make diagnostic work more accurate and effective, as the department always seeks to encourage innovation and excellence and support scientific and research projects with new ideas in the field.

Department’s mission:

The Department of Medical Parasitology and Entomology aims at providing high quality laboratory services through relevant education and training producing skilled laboratory specialists and health system leaders as well as outstanding scholars who can conduct cutting-edge basic and applied research, that can materialize in reducing the burden of the parasitic diseases that cripple Sudan socially and economically.

Department’s vision:

Our vision is to advance the knowledge of medical parasitology and entomology sciences and uplift the research quality in Sudan, the region and globally through multidisciplinary programs using the newly introduced state-of-the-art biochemical and molecular approaches that have revolutionized these sciences.