About Histopathology & Cytology

Histopathology & cytology is one of the five disciplines of faculty of medical laboratory sciences specializations provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills for under and post graduate students in:

  • Morphological identification of cell and human organs under the microscope.
  • Preparation and performance of different routine and special staining techniques for cytological and histopathological microscopic examination.
  • Working with automated tissue processor and microtome.
  • Applying quality control measures in histopathology and/or cytology laboratory.
  • Carrying out their graduation projects/ thesis.


To be an international leader in histopathology & cytology education while achieving excellence in research related field.


The Department of Histopathology and Cytology prepares highly skilled graduates to be competent, independently-practicing all diagnostic histopathological and cytopathological techniques which aid in accurate diagnosis. Also, it supports under and post graduate students to carry out their research projects.

Department staff members and teaching assistants

Prof. Dr. Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

Dr. Yosef Mohamed Azzam Yosef Mohamed Zakout

Dr. Ali Mahomud Idris.

Dr. Samah Abd Elrahim Batran Ali (Head Department).

Dr. Sayda Omer Ibn Of.

Mrs. Madina Mohamed Bashir.

Mrs. Eman Taha.

Mrs. Aisha Adam Mohammed Adam