From 13-15 Feb. 2018,The Biomedical Research Laboratory at Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences in collaboration with Al-Rayan Center for Medical Training has organized a theoretical and practical workshop entitled ‘’Modern Immunological Techniques Applied in Disease’’The first day has started with two public lectures, the first entitled “Immunology from Bench to Bedside”presented by Prof. Mohamed Osman Gad El Rab and the second “Innovative Technology Systems for Diagnosis of Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Serology, and Allergies” presented by Dr. Khalifa El-TayebKhalafallah. The lectures were attended by a group of staff members and a large number of undergraduate, postgraduate students at Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences and many participants with different specialty at the medical field in different universities.The practical sessions for the first day has focused on In direct Immunofluorescence technique, followed by Immunoblotting and ELISA technique for the second and third day, respectively.