Post Graduate

Master Degree by Courses Program


  • Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences is located south of Soba Teaching Hospital in area about 35000 m2 at Medani Highway Street.
  • FMLS is the oldest medical laboratory institution in Sudan, Africa and the Middle East. Its foundation goes back to 1966 under the name, Medical Laboratory Technicians Training Unit (MLTTU) which was a joint venture between the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum (UofK) and the Ministry of Health. Outstanding MLTTU candidates were usually sent to the Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology (IMLT) in London, UK for a training period of at least 5 years in one specialist subject of Medical Technology. In 1993, MLTTU was reestablished and renamed College of Medical Laboratory Sciences (CMLS) as an independent institution affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In 1997, it was merged with the UofK as the FMLS.
  • FMLS offers bachelor (B.Sc, in 4 years) and B.Sc (honors, in 5 years) as well as master (M.Sc) by research and by courses in five disciplines of medical laboratory sciences.
  • The M.Sc by courses program aims to improve the quality of medical laboratories staff in the field of medical laboratory sciences to work in universities and research centers and to render high standard services in public and private hospitals and health centers.
  • FMLS graduates, Medical (Clinical) Laboratory Scientists, are highly skilled professionals who perform analytical tests on clinical and biological samples including blood, tissues and body fluids to provide diagnostic information for the treatment and prevention of human diseases. In addition, they carry out interdisciplinary research that can materialize in reducing the burden of the human diseases.