Department of Microbiology:


It is one of the biggest departments in FMLS, it includes the following disciplines:


  • Medical Bacteriology.


  • Medical Virology.


  • Medical Mycology.


  • Immunology.


Teaching Staff


1-Professor Naser Eldin Bilal, PhD


Professor of Microbiology and Dean Faculty (the first Professor (graduated from FMLS) in Sudan since 14/11/2002).

2- Dr. Abdalla Osman Ahmed, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Mycology.


3- Dr. Baha Eldin Khalid, PhD, Assistant Professor of Microbiology.


4- Mr. Elamin Mohamed Ibrahim, Assistant Professor.


5- Mr. Gafar Mohamed Ibrahim, Assistant Professor.


6- Mr. Luai Osman Marouf, Lecturer.


7- Mr. Musa Abdallah Ali, Lecturer (Ph.D student).


8- Miss Sara Abdalla, Lecturer (Ph.D student, Denemark).


9- Mrs Wala Abdallah Omer, Lecturer (Ph.D student).


10- Mrs Salma  Ahmed Ugool, Lecturer.


11- Mrs Amel Eltayteb Hassan, TA (M.Sc. student).


12- Miss Hanaa Ahmed Mohamed Osman, TA (M. Sc. student).


13- Mrs Mona Eltahir Adam, TA (M. Sc. student).


14- Mrs Samira Munir Bolis, TA (M. Sc. student).




1- Prof. Elsheikh Mahgoub Gafar, Professor of Medical Mycology, Faculty of Medicine, UofK.


2- Prof. Mahasin Elnur, Professor of Virology.


3- Dr. Kawther Abdulgalil, PhD, Immunology.



1- Layla Mohamed Siddique, B.Sc.


2- Yusra Yasin, B.Sc.


Academic and community services

Teaching of:

  • Under graduate students.
  • Post graduate students.
  • 5th year (Honor) degree students
  •  Qualifying year for Master degree students
  • Master degree by course students

Supervision of:

  • M.Sc. and Ph.D students not only for FMLS but also for other faculties in other universities.

Conducting original community based Research:

  • The technical committee for updating Faculties of Medical Lab. Sciences (FMLS), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khartoum (March 2011 to date).
  • Technical Evaluation Committee for proposed programs of Faculties of Medical Lab. Sciences (FMLS), Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research, Khartoum (April, 2011 to date).
  • The laboratories Circle (Dept.), National Council for Medical and Health Professions, Ministry of Human Resources Development (Prof. N.E.Bilal is the Consultant and Chairman of the Laboratories Circle from 8th March, 2011 to date, and the chairman of the Training Program and Examination Committee).


Provide consultation in tracing nosocomial infections among patients, Visitors and hospitals’ staff and possible source(s) in view of their prevention.