Histopathology & Cytology

Department of histopathology and cytology prepare biomedical specialist to perform the various tasks required for receiving, preparing, processing, and staining of different histopathological and/or cytological patient specimens for microscopic examination.

The department provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills on histology, routine histotechniques, immunohistochemistry, tumor marker, immunofluorescence techniques, pathology, cytology and cytopathology and cytogenatics.

Department staff:

  1. Hussain Gad Alkhareem (Full professor).
  2. Yosef Mohamed-Azzam Yosef Mohamed Zakout (Assistant professor) - Dean Deputy for Accademic Affairs.
  3. Samah Abd Alrahim Batran (Assistant professor) – Head Department.
  4. Ali Mahmoud Edris (Assistant professor).
  5. Sayda Mohamed Ali Ibnof (Assistant professor).
  6. Madina Mohammed Bashir (Lecturer) – Secretary Department.
  7. Anaheed Izzat Ibrahim (Lecturer).
  8. Eman Taha Osman (Teaching assistant).
  9. Laali Mohamed Ali (Technician).