• Provide students with knowledge in basic and medical laboratory sciences, develop their critical thinking as well as scientific problem solving and creativity skills to be experts and leaders in the field of medical laboratory diagnostic services and scientific research.
  • Carry out laboratory tests with the highest efficiency while ensuring their safety and others in the different fields of diagnosis, patient follow-up, environmental monitoring, and quality control.
  • Help in the establishment of modern medical diagnostic services in the country and be leaders in promoting progress and innovation in the field of medical and laboratory sciences.
  • Oversee the training of intermediates (e.g. Laboratory Technicians) and participate in the development of the medical laboratory sciences work force via refresher training programs and continuing education.
  • Active participate in the provision of knowledge and skills to keep pace with modern development in the field of diagnostic and scientific research.
  • Participate, cooperation, understanding, and to build a high level of professional character in dealing with colleagues, patients and their relatives and members of the health profession